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Email: we.eastanglia@outlook.com

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There are a number of groups in this region including:

Ipswich Group

Contact Jean Hamer for venue details

Email: jvhamer44@gmail.com

Meets on the 2nd Wednesday each month 2.30-4.30.
The meeting includes an Absent Healing Service, followed by reading and discussion of a White Eagle book, at present we are reading 'Group Consciousness'. We will then close with a meditation, before finishing with refreshments.

North Norfolk Group

Contact Val Crabb

Email: val.dawn621@btinternet.com

The Friends Meeting House, Quakers Hill, Mundesley Road, North Walsham, NR28 ORF.

Regular activities: A service on the third Sunday of each month 2.45 for 3.00pm (Except August and January). (See calendar for more details)

Retreats, Study Days, Healers Rededication dates to be confirmed.

Nevendon Group Egremont Centre

Contact Jean Brown

Email: jeanelsiebrown@gmail.com

Egremont Centre, Arterial Road, Nevendon, Basildon SS14 3JN.

First Tuesday each month at 2.00 pm White Eagle Study/Meditation group.

Third Monday each month at 7.50 pm White Eagle Study/Meditation group.

Third Thursday each month at 11.00 am White Eagle Study/Meditation group.

Braintree Group

Meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 10.30am for a full service, commencing with a New Lands Absent Healing Group. This is followed with morning refreshments. The rest of the day consists of music, prayer (including healing for local people), reading, meditation, study and discussion, finishing by sending out the Light from the altar candle.

If there is a 5th Wednesday in the month the day takes a more informal plan, covering White Eagle topics requested by members.

Contact: Ursula on 01376 331988 for details.

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East Anglia Region

A Spiritual Look at a Challenging World Retreat Day in East Anglia

A retreat day with Simon Bentley. How can we cope more maturely and effectively with the restless and [...]

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Jean Brown says: Having spent the last few months preparing “Egremont”, our little bit of Paradise, to look her best, with the extreme heat alas many flowers didn’t survive. Sunday 8th July had finally arrived everything was ready. It was the hottest day so far, this year, we had done all we could to make the Lodge comfortable.
Our lovely Anna, who was taking the retreat “Facets of the Diamond”, arrived first, followed by my own enthusiastic Nevendon Group, Then our White Eagle folk from Ipswich and Norfolk Groups, coming by mini coach, made very good time. Everybody welcomed with a nice cuppa, we started. You all know Anna’s articles in Stella Polaris, are so uplifting and informative, and so was our day. It was about each one of us being the DIAMOND, the roughness of it, polishing it, treasuring it, its beauty and radiance, and that there are no two alike, plus the strength. And every thing else pertaining to a diamond, and what I found most important the meditation approaches. The STILLNESS, which already has given me such a calmness this morning. I connected, in my own mind wrongly with silence (not that there is a lot of that living on a main Arterial road), but not any more.
I won’t ever forget the wonderful company, joy, laughter, relaxation, and so, so much more than words can express. Thank you all for coming and sharing such a special day.
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