Attunement Sunday 24th June at 12 noon

Earth Healing star

In the White Eagle Lodge, as a worldwide community of spirit, we hold the natural world of the whole planet in the light of the Star, and the consciousness of humankind as they walk on Mother Earth and with her creatures.
Please link in especially either at 12 Noon or at 3.00pm and feel you are linking hands as a great chain around the world. As a worldwide community we can truly make a difference.

Here at the Temple at New Lands we will be holding a special service in the morning (11.15 am) and after a bring-and-share vegetarian lunch we have a sound bath with 'Sounds Inspirational' at 1.30 pm, and then our unique Sun Ceremony outdoors in New Lands field in the cross within the circle meditation walk. Join us physically if you can of course but the most important thing is to link in s

pirit. Here are words you may like to use:

WE see the whole earth enfolded in the magical healing light of the shining six-pointed star.
We see the light of the Star shining into




We hold in our hearts the vision of planet earth cleansed, healed and in balance.
May God’s blessing be upon this work.

We look forward so much to linking hands with you in spirit in this special Midsummer attunement, knowing the power of focused prayer together.

Jan de Vulder, who leads our Contact Healing work, says it was a privilege to be asked to give a talk onHealing clipThe Power of the Healing Touch’ at a seminar of the Sussex Healers Association, who celebrate their 60th Anniversary next year.
The underlying message was that no matter what healing organisation we practise with, we are all united as healers, and how the teachings of White Eagle are based on respect for all. The same feeling in our hearts to give service to those who ask for help, is something we all share.
There were approximately 70 people attending, which included a group of White Eagle healers. One of the things which emerged was the feeling of contributing to the well-being of all, through spiritual healing.


danceA collaborative retreat day in Bristol with dancing, words and silence.Dancing retreat altar
20+ people had a wonderful day, chanting, dancing and sharing. The day was led by Matthew Heyse-Moore, and music by Morag, Stewart and Bob. We did chanting, in Aramaic, a few words for every dance, - had it translated, e.g. ‘I am the centre of the Universe, of God’s life’ and some White Eagle words around the same theme. Beautiful. Simple dancing steps, in a circle. The dancing steps, the chanting and the music was just brilliant; it created a beautiful energy, building up as we went along. We had a period of silence after each dance, - the silence vibrating with energy. And time for sharing.
Spiritualty has many ways of expressing itself. The dancing, the music and the chanting gave a beautiful sense of our deep connection with both Heaven and Earth, - and the joy and love for all life.

Jeremy Hayward visited the Bournemouth Lodge on 21st April to lead a Retreat Day. He took as his key theme the White Eagle saying from an Easter talk:
Someone once asked us “Where is the seed atom of man’s life?” Our answer is that it rests in the heart. For within man’s heart is a tiny replica of the Sun, of the heart of God the creator’, and discussed the profundity of these words.

Bournemouth rosestar window

He led a meditation focussing on the symbol of the Winged Disc, and finished the day reading one of White Eagle’s beautiful talks to healers. During the breaks those attending were able to wander in the beautiful garden of the Bournemouth Lodge, dodging the showers and enjoying the scents and colours of spring. Jeremy was really grateful for the warmth of welcome from the Bournemouth members.

A White Eagle thought for June

'If you would progress to the heart of the mysteries of the cosmos, of life, your way lies always through contemplation, meditation, realisation of the still small voice, the God within.This is why you must learn to be still.'

White Eagle

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